Working hard for those pesos

When I first moved to Mexico City in pursuit of an English teaching job I thought it shouldn't be too hard for me to find full-time work. I had recently finished getting my Master in Teaching degree specializing in English language learners and English language arts. A part of me thought I would come to … Continue reading Working hard for those pesos


Walking to Oaxaca City

We arrived in Oaxaca City sleepy-eyed at the crack of dawn after a seven hour bus ride throughout the night. It was 6am and the city was very much still asleep. We wandered through the streets until we found a woman who was selling tamales, coffee and hot chocolate. With hot drinks in hand, we sat … Continue reading Walking to Oaxaca City

Welcome to the neighborhood: Santa María la Ribera

The streets are lined with a mix of old buildings covered in peeling paint and restored mansions embraced by vibrant plants. I'm mesmerized by the beautiful tile work that constantly catch my attention. The colors and patterns breath a bit of magic into my lungs as I take in my new neighborhood. I am always a … Continue reading Welcome to the neighborhood: Santa María la Ribera